ENDA & Kevin Amendola

Das neue Dreamteam aus Deutschland

The new dream team around the two exceptional artists Kevin Amendola and ENDA is born. On 21.08.20 their self-written and independently produced RnB (Pop/Rap) debut single “Chance” was released and went through the roof immediately after the release.

The music industry has been waiting for such a new musical challenge for a long time. The next hit-suspicious song of the two talented musicians and songwriters is shortly before the release and will inspire.

ENDA Short Bio:

Ender Tökmel, born on 09.01.1998 in Bietigheim-Bissingen, also under the artist name: “ENDA” wrote his first song lyrics at the age of 7. He continued this until today. With 14 he published his first video on Facebook. Shortly afterwards ENDA was brought on stage at the KuRt-Festival by MoTrip and surprised many thousands of enthusiastic spectators with his performance.

ENDA can’t be put into any musical category, his music can be found in all genres. Since 2 years he owns his own sound/film studio and produces his music and new ideas there.

Kevin Amendola Kurz-Bio:

Kevin Amendola, born on 27.01.93 in Stuttgart, discovered his love for music at an early age. Already at the age of six he was inspired by the biggest names in the music business to one day become as successful as his idols. To this day, Kevin continues to work on his goals with great passion for detail in order to stand on the big stages with his music.

At the beginning of 2020 he took the courage to take part in the seventeenth season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. There he made it into the foreign recall. His songs convinced the jury. The greats Naidoo, Bohlen, Lombardi and Nechiti showered him with praise.

His extraordinary voice and his expressive performance have become his trademark and regularly create a goosebump atmosphere.

After the first successful debut single “Chance”, Kevin Amendola and ENDA would like to reach people’s hearts in the future with specially written & produced songs.


Naim is almost as funny as Mario Barth …… only fatter.

Who wants to recognize what “failure in all situations” means must experience Naim Jerome Antoine simply live on stage.

The bright cosmopolitan tries to get his hard job as a hairdresser, the life as a single, failed husband, hobby cook and nudist on the chain. If you expect lively gags and dry Swabian humor, you’ve come to the right place.

Lean back when the likeable loser explains his own funny view of things between haircuts, dating portals and Thai massages. His credo “Sometimes you lose, sometimes the others win”.

Naim Jerome Antoine,  you have to fill the name with life first. Naim is like a kiwi. Soft on the outside, very soft on the inside. Don’t miss it when Naim from Aspach (Andrea Berg’s neighbor) presents his suffering in an enchanting way with a lot of humor but also hurt feelings.

“Naim is almost as funny as Mario Barth …… only fatter.”


Andy Susemihl – Supermihl & Superfriends

The “best of”-concert with rockstar Andy Susemihl and his friends.

Andy Susemihl has shared stages with rock icons such as Ozzy Osbourne, Guns’n’Roses, Deep Purple and Manfred Mann, released over 20 albums internationally and has sold over 500,000 records to date.

After several albums and tours with big names of the German music scene, he spent almost 10 years in the clubs of Los Angeles, CA. From May to September 2013 he was guitarist for Roland Bless (PUR) on his open air tour with Unheilig.

Besides all these activities, Andy Susemihl is still running his solo project “Supermihl & Superfriends”, of which the third album with Andy Kemmer on bass and Markus Hassold on drums is now available.

The Superfriends will go on a journey through time with their albums, performing their own songs as well as newly arranged and selected classics of the cooler music history from David Bowie to Depeche Mode to Hendrix. With Susemihls’ distinctive voice and soulful guitar playing they will lead the listener through a multifaceted musical landscape.

Andy Susemihl is a great guitarist, who can certainly be ranked in the Champions League of rockstars.


No Land’s Man

The new comedy show with acting star Yavuz Köroglu.

Yavuz Köroglu the superstar known from the leading role as Kangaroo from the bestseller “The Kangaroo Chronicles” – after Marc Uwe Kling and longtime member of the Theaterhaus Schauspielensemble’s among others as Johnny in “Dirty Dishes”, as “Tschick” in the play of the same name, “The 12 Jurors” and many more is now going on tour with the first full evening comedy program.

The quadronationalist, actor, comedian, musician and dancer brings other failing characters to the stage, such as the long-term unemployed and single hero Osman or the somewhat nationalistically inclined patriot Dragutin.

No land’s Man wants to appeal to the power of love, even if it’s often difficult for him to muster it himself…

Love thy neighbor at least once a week!