The new talk show & live concert with Ernst Mantel, Christoph Neuhaus and their special guests.

Ernst Mantel, Swabian comedian and Christoph Neuhaus, internationally renowned Stuttgart musician, conquer the cultural stages with their new conversation and music format “TALK ‘N TONES”.

Wonderfully refreshingly Ernst Mantel (“Ernst & Heinrich”, “Vereinigtes Lachwerk Süd”, Die kleine Tierschau”, multiple cabaret award winner) presents interesting guests from the German music scene in a very personal, almost private atmosphere.

Christoph Neuhaus accompanies the guest with his unbelievably accomplished and style-spanning guitar playing. An exciting and relaxing evening full of music and interesting, humorous and where announced also serious conversations. Look forward to “special guests” from the jazz and pop scene, singers, songwriters, music professors, saxophonists, trumpeters, bassists, pianists, guitarists…

Previous guests: Dieter Thomas Kuhn, Peter Freudenthaler (Fools Garden), Fola Dada, Veit Hübner, Joo Kraus, Cherry Gehring, Alex Köberlein (Grachmusikoff, Schwoißfuaß), Klaus Graf, Frank Kuruc… all people who have a lot to tell and offer – not only professionally.



Racy dances, passionate solos, fascinating music and Andalusian emotions united in a high class stage production.

Racy dances, passionate solos, fascinating music and Andalusian emotions united in a high class stage production.

During his long career Antonio Andrade has written incomparable guitar music for the most famous flamenco productions in the service of dance.

In “FLAMENCO” he wants to bring the diversity of the flamenco guitar to the fore in order to present it in its true beauty. Together with his partner Miguel Sotelo he creates two-part works from pieces of his own repertoire and that of his idols Paco de Lucia and Sabicas.

As a star guest, the dancer Úrsula Moreno has put all her experience and skill of the guitar and flamenco singing at his feet to pay homage and honour him.

In “FLAMENCO” we experience a meeting of musicians, dancers and dialogues between singing, dancing the castanets and the magic strings of the flamenco guitar.

Let yourself be carried away into the world of flamenco!

Klaus Birk

Klaus Birk

Multi-talented and cabaret star Klaus Birk brings his unmistakable humour to the stage.

Klaus Birk, born on the edge of the black forest, entered the earthly stage in Nagold in the last millennium, moved to Tübingen after graduating from high school, studied law for 10 semesters and founded the duo Vis a Vis with Bernd Kohlhepp in 1982. For 10 years they toured all over Germany, from Constance to Kiel, from Munich to Berlin, from Dresden to Aachen, from Mainz to Nuremberg, enriched by guest performances in Switzerland, Austria and the USSR.

Vis a Vis writes three programs (That looks so harmless!; Up there it drops; Heaven on high), appears in more than 50 TV shows (ARD, ZDF, SWR, SWF, SF1 and ORF, UDSSR TV). From 1998 to 2005 he played with Udo Zepezauer “Helmuts Kurt! (Das wächst nach!; Verpuppt!) on stages and TV.

Since 1992 Klaus Birk has been on the road as a soloist, writes for film, television, radio, newspapers, cabaret, theatre brings more than 20 programmes to the stage; appears in more than 250 TV (ARD; ZDF; RTL, SWR) and in over 1000 radio programmes (SWF; SDR; SWR).

Klaus Birk is also active as a text coach, co-author and director in the field of cabaret and theatre.

Schöner fremder Mann

Music meets comedy!

Good mood for every woman and beautiful men. Laugh, dance, listen, be happy: This is “Schöner fremder Mann!” live with the comedian “Klaus Birk” and the band “Wirtschaftswunder!”

“Men are so wonderful, they are there to love!”

Wirtschaftswunder, the band, sings about love in the fifties and sixties; Birk, the comedian, takes love in his arms and amuses himself about its changes in the last sixty years.

“It’s not worth the heartache if you have a cowboy for a husband,” said the old Indian chief, because “men are a dime a dozen”.

Yes, it’s all about good feelings and carefree cheerfulness. And if the beauty isn’t so good after all, the cause is quickly found: “Blame it on the Bossa Nova!”

Immerse yourself with “Economic Miracle” and “Klaus Birk” in the desire to travel south, in the longing for new men, accompanied by “two little Italians, in a time when the family was still fine, the advertising was good, the sand was hot and the only person watching was “the man in the moon”.


Birk to laugh at; economic miracles to dance and all together to fall in love, even when marble, stone and iron are broken: love is a strange game.


One voice and one piano!

Emotional moments at the highest level.

Mailo and Lumppi, the unique fusion of musical highlights. Soul-Pop by Roger Cicero, Michael Bublé, Stevie Wonder, Sting, John Legend, Grönemeyer and many more, current and classic music as well as jazzy ballads.

Experience emotions to listen to and enjoy.

Die Höhner & Wirtschaftswunder

This evening is a must!

Available Dates:


Vaya con Dios

6 Artists (2 Guitarists, 2 Singers, 2 Dancers) + 1 Management


22 Artists (15 Dancers, 7 Musicians) + 3 Technicians + 1 Management

Mi Carmen Flamenca

18 Artists (12 Dancers, 6 Musicians) + 3 Technicians + 1 Management

Antonio Andrade DUO

2 Gitarrists + 1 Management